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Safety tips in Barcelona

Barcelona is, in general, a safe city. But it is still advisable, as in any large urban center, to take certain precautions to be alert in some neighborhoods and to be attentive in certain situations.

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Some Safety Tips:


  1. Carry with caution, in a pocket or safe bag, your documents and money, especially in crowded areas and in the center of Barcelona.


  2. Do not leave your personal belongings (purse and wallet) unattended on the terrace of a bar, café or restaurant.


  3. When strolling along Las Ramblas be cautious and if you stop to watch street performances, be sure to pay attention to your bag.

  4. The Trileros game is a well-known street scam or sham common in the Ramblas area. Don't stop and of course, don't bet money.


  5. To purchase tickets for any event or show you should always do it at an official point of sale. Do not trust people who are dedicated to resale.


  6. When traveling with vehicles, do not leave your luggage in sight inside the car. Try to park the vehicle in a guarded parking lot.


  7. Do not show your purse and cash contents in public.


  8. In places such as bus stations, train stations, at the airport or at the port, be very careful with your luggage at all times.


  9. If you suffer any inconvenience with your luggage or theft, find out where to find a security agent or city guard. The agents will tell you where to go and how to act.


We wish you an unforgettable (and above all, very safe) experience in our city and we offer it to you with our apartments. Book before they take them away from you!


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